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We provide your agency with support and training via the phone and email. Support emails will be answered within one business day and phone calls will be answered during normal business hours: 8am to 5pm Mountain Time, Monday thru Friday (U.S. holidays excepted). Tutorial Videos, Training Guides, Print Resources, etc. can be found at our Support Portal. These help materials address the most common user questions regarding the FFRS system. Part of our commitment in providing outstanding support includes free 24/7 emergency support for critical issues with FFRS.

We have also created The MyFFRS Process which is designed to help introduce and customize FFRS to fit your agency’s needs and provide specific advice and setup for your organization during the 60-Day Free Trial at no additonal charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of agencies is the FFRS designed for?

FFRS is designed for fire departments, ambulance agencies, RIT & Hazmat teams, rescue squads, search and rescue agencies and any other agencies that rely upon volunteers or paid “call-back” personnel.

How do members register their response?

Members register their response by the smartphone app, calling into the system from a phone or from the website.

When should members register their response?

As soon as members start to receive the alert from dispatch and are able to respond, they should respond to FFRS. If possible, members should register their response before they start driving to the station or incident.

Isn’t it dangerous to talk on the phone and be driving at the same time?

The FFRS system is designed with safety in mind, and only requires that a member push one button on the phone allowing him or her to focus on traveling safely to the station or incident. If they are calling in their response, the phone call automatically hangs up and does not require the member to listen or hang up after the call is answered.

Does it take a special phone to register a response?

No, any phone can be used: cell phones ("smart" phones or "dumb" phones), home phones, work phones, etc. Most members use the smartphone app or their cell phones and program their speed dial with the FFRS station numbers. This enables members to push only one button to register their response.

Do members have to push any other buttons once they call in?

In most cases, no. Each tab (station or team) is provided a virtual toll free number, which the members will program into their cell phones. Once they are alerted, members will press one button (depending on which station they are responding to) and the system will automatically log the member in. If the member calls back after registering their response, they are able to log themselves out by entering their response status. This can also be done on the smartphone app. If a member calls from a phone number that it not entered into FFRS, they will be prompted to enter their pin number.

What is a Web-based application?

Web-based means the FFRS application is hosted at our Data Center and that you access the application by logging on from your computer or smartphone app.

Is it safe to transfer information through the Internet?

Yes, your data is encrypted as it travels from our servers to your computers and back again. This method is secure and is the same process used by banks and other financial institutions.

Do I have to install or download any software?

No. You can access your FFRS from any computer with an internet connection.

Can I view my neighboring departments’ volunteer response data during mutual aid calls?

Yes, you are able to view your neighboring departments’ volunteer response data if they are using FFRS. This data is “read-only” and cannot be edited by your department.

How do I get started?

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